Wednesday, October 15, 2008

TiVo vs. Time Warner DVR

I have had a dream come true. I now have a large LCD television in the bed room with a DVR. Ultimate Fighting, Sports Center, Discovery Channel, I now never want to leave my bed now. And with new seasons of Desperate Housewives, Army Wives and Brothers & Sisters, I have very little reason to watch TV in the living room.

We have HD Tivo in the living room, but Time Warner DVR in the bedroom (to save money). There's been a lot of talk about which one is better in our household, so let me list my pros and cons for each:

- easy-to-use on screen interface
- simple, intuitive remote control
- able to suggest shows based on my ratings
- can play games when connected to the internet
- gives my "TiVo-casts" from The Onion and NY Times, which I love
- makes Harley happy
- extensive search function
- excellent view of TV grid
- the ability for strict parental controls on shows
- limited options when creating a season pass
- expensive (though not when you break it out over 3+ years)
- no picture-in-picture between tuners

- cheaper than TiVo (at least in the short term)
- does not require an internet connection
- picture-in-picture between tuners
- search function quick and easy to get to, though not as extensive
- easy to adjust season pass options
- remote has an internal light to help me navigate
- limited options when creating a season pass
- limited view of TV grid
- remote control is big and cumbersome (the "Live" button is right next to Fast Forward!!)
- bare bones, no "extras"
- no ratings, no suggestions


The Time Warner HD is surprisingly awesome. It has some features that are great, and I love that there is no secondary interface separating me from my cable company. But the remote control is a deal breaker. There are so many damn buttons that I need to look everytime I want to do something. I may memorize them all, but them buttons are so small that it may always be difficult.

TiVo's remote is simpler and easier. And since that is the only way to communicate with the TV, it's a big deal. The suggestions may not sound like a big deal, but they really help (especially with Lilah shows). The TiVo casts are fun and I would miss them. I may not need TiVo, but it's very nice. Plus, Harley can't live without it (for now).


Boywonderesq said...

How about we get you one of those remotes with the REALLY BIG BUTTONS, would that help with the remote control issue? I hear they help keep the robots away, too, old man.

kb said...

I have a universal remote that works great for my TiVo and it also allows you to add an additional DVR, maybe that would help you... and the buttons are easy to memorize, as I watch TV in the dark alot.

Anonymous said...

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Avcap DVR said...
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Anonymous said...

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