Friday, October 24, 2008

What 11 Years Looks Like

My new passport picture, to the right of my old passport picture. A quick description of the day each was taken. Yes, I got fatter.

December 29, 1997
Taken under RUSH circumstances at Penn State University. I had just spent all night cramming for a final and didn't get to shower. It was very early and very cold. Windy. I had to walk a while to get to the office, which was in the middle of nowhere. My lips were really chapped. I knew I'd be looking at this picture in the future when the camera clicked. My co-worker said I look like a criminal. I told her I was supposed to look like Eddie Vedder.

October 24, 2008
Also taken under RUSH circumstances at the Empire State Building in a Walgreen's. Had to negotiate with the CFO on who will pay ridiculous rush charges. I suck at negotiating. Was waiting for the company to cut the check and went downstairs to get the photo. Needed to rush. It was 2:12pm and I was in a rush to get back for a 3pm call. Taken with what looked like an outdated Kodak camera, this was the first take.


the sil said...

where are you going that you need to get your passport in such a rush?

TheMediaDude said...

Toronto. Went today to understand the differences in US packaging/grocery vs. US. It was cooool. Blog post to follow.

Don't Be So Dramatical said...

cutie :)