Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hi There

Sorry it's been a while since I've written. The end of semester is always a rough time for me. I have my final papers due, which is hard to accomplish on my busy work schedule. Harley has a lot more hours to work as her students go into final exams. That means I have to watch Lilah more, which means even less time for my own school work. It's not fun.

Hopefully, this will all be done by this time next week. But for now, the blog must give. Here's a list of some blog topics I'd love to write but likely never will:

- why I only like the red skittles
- how becoming a father has made me less fearful of authority in general
- the deliciousness of fried foods (especially seafood)
- why short plane rides are worse than longer ones
- my winter coat is too warm for this weather
- brands started in the Civil War period, when it become necessary for goods to be shipped in smaller containers. Before that, everything was sent to grocers in barrels and displayed in store with no additional information besides what the grocer chose to display
- countries will eventually brand themselves not for tourism, but for influence on the world stage
- why I'd rather work for a small company than a big one
- why I need a new guitar