Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Why I Love "The West Wing"

Here are 2 clips from the season 2 finale, "The Two Catherdals." The president's secratary, Mrs. Landingham, recently died in a car crash (caused by a drunk driver).

Here is a scene with a young President Bartlett:

Here is the last scene of that episode:


Bill said...

"Two Cathedrals" is my second-favorite episode of the entire series (after "Posse Comitatus").

The second clip here is not actually the last scene of Season Two, but the first scene of Season Three. "Two Cathedrals" ends with Bartlet doing exactly what Mrs. Landingham describes in the first clip - he puts his hands in his pockets, looks away, and smiles. He doesn't actually say his answer out loud, but we know.

The first episode of the next season, "Manchester (Part One)," opens with this scene, where he actually declares his intention to run again.

I love The West Wing, too.

Boywonderesq said...

Man, that show can be cheesy. But that was the last scene of that episode. I remember the season ending knowing that he would run again, a shot they also had at the beginning of the next season, from a different angle.

Jen Simon said...

is that the scene with 'brothers in arms' playing in the background? with president walking down the hall?

Jen Simon said...

it is! check it out

TheMediaDude said...

Bill clearly knows more about the West Wing than I do. Perhaps watching clips on YouTube during lunch breaks the continuity. But it sure beats working!!