Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jon & Kate Again

I watched it again last night. I enjoyed it. But not for the right reasons! I felt sorry for them. My emotions went from “Wow, my life is so much better than theirs!” to “Aww, that might be nice” right back to “Better you than me.” It feels sadistic, voyeuristic, and exploitative. Yes, I will be watching it again.

I was shocked at how upset Jon is with Kate. He was talking about his trainer at the gym and how she is nicer than Kate. She laughed, but he was very serious and made sure she knew it. He does not think his wife is very nice and was letting the entire viewing public know. She seemed not that happy but resigned to it. It was uncomfortable to watch yet makes me want to keep watching!

What in the world would have made me want to watch this show again?!? What could it have been? Hmm...

Well done, PR person who's exploiting the rough patch in their marriage. Well done.

No shit their marriage is twisted!!! They have 8 fucking kids!! The TV show created this myth of a family that may have it hard a few times but is ultimately happy. The only way it works is if it looks like deep down they are really happy. Otherwise, it's a creepy look into dysfunction where the kids end up suffering.

These tabloids are exploiting that myth. Doesn't help that Jon went out with that woman, but it's still sad. I want to believe the myth. I'm sure they have moments of joy alongside moments of frustration, just like most marriages. Too bad theirs is publicized.

I still think they'd cancel the show and leave the public spotlight if they weren't desperate for the money. Kate is quoted as saying "small inconveniences now for big rewards later" in People.

I hope they stay together. The kids need it, and it could be a bigger nightmare if they try to do it each on their own. But if Nick and Jessica are any gauge, they are in trouble.


your sil said...

theirs seems like a classic example of an unstable marriage before having kids. the babies come and it's a temporary band-aid or major (and fulfilling) distraction from the marital problems. eventually, when the kids get older and don't need undivided attention 24/7, the marital problems manifest themselves twofold because they've been neglected for so long. I still hope they make it, but I don't know, they never kiss or say I love you... who knows?

mkpt said...

I really can't stand what's happened to them. I used to watch the show but don't anymore. I'm too annoyed. Before, when Kate acted harsh or shrilly, I thought she was just doing what she needed to do to get through the day, since she was undoubtedly exhausted and stressed. Now I think she's just a bitch. She has a ton of help, a ton of money, and seems to spend as much time away from the kids as she does with them. They asked for this.