Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Looking Good, Miracle Whip!

Kraft is at it again! Following other Kraft brands like Triscuit and Wheat Thins (featured previously on this blog), they’ve redesigned your favorites “salad dressing.”

Type is different but has same personality as the original. There’s a lot less blue but the accent lines around the new logo connect it to the old. It has a much more natural look overall.

Not sure why the All Out Squeeze is smaller. I guess they think people already know the new bottle is All Out Squeeze. Guess again, Kraft. Consumers are not paying attention unless there’s a coupon.

Expect more new things in the condiment section. People are staying home more, cooking more, and are therefore using more condiments. These items are staples, and people are more likely to buy private label brands for commodities (e.g. “it’s just mustard, why pay more?”). National brands have to work harder to keep up with private label and justify their price point.

I don’t care what Brian says, this is important. Companies are making these decisions that affect how much you’ll pay at the store. These massive food companies have enough control over our food supply as it is. Don't let complacency put you at their mercy. An informed consumer is a powerful consumer.

Seriously, who else is gonna tell you this stuff?!?


Kate said...

hmmmm...I never liked Miracle whip, but it's a fancy design. So, I just googled you hoping to find your email address and holy cow, I find out you and Harley had a little boy!!! Congratulations!!!! So if you're up for it, we're having a bbq on the 7th of June, wanna come with the kids? Kate (Honarvar)

Jen Simon said...

i couldn't tell which was the new one. seriously.