Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Sweetest Thing

I was working on my final paper last night. I was in “Mommy & Daddy’s room” working on my laptop. Around 9pm, Lilah comes in and says,

“Daddy, what-ee are you doooing??
“I’m working, honey. I go to school and have a paper.”
“You go to school?”
“Yeah, I got a night after work.”
“I don’t want you to go to school! I miss you! Come home!”

It could have been the sweetest moment I have ever had in my entire life. I picked her up, gave her big hugs and kisses and let her known that I will always come home to her. She then said she wanted her Mommy and ran into the living room.

Here are some other contenders for the Sweetest Moments of My Life.

- The first time Francesca (my niece) smiled at me. I thought I was in love with her before then, but seeing that (on may sister Caryn’s sofa in her old duplex, while the 2 older girls were playing around us, 8:30pm on a Friday after a full day at work and train ride into Philly) took my breath away.

- Having my grandmother rub by back at her place when I was around 7. I was in pain due a canker sore on my tongue and she rubbed my back for the longest time. I knew my Mom-mom very well, but that’s how I remember her.

- My mom saying goodbye to me before they left me at college for the first time. She out her arm on my shoulder and said, “Cover it. Wear a condom.”

- The first time Harley said “sockies” to me. It was very early in our relationship, and we were at my apartment. I said my feet were cold, so she said “why don’t you out on some sockies.” We both started laughing. It was one of the first times I felt like we could be completely natural in front of each other.

- Finally standing under the chuppa at our wedding, and Harley and I giggling that the moment was finally here.

- Watching Jack’s birth. Harley had been pushing for maybe 20 minutes. She was getting very tired, as you can imagine! Those last few pushes were so hard. Then the doctor stopped us all, said ok, everybody, just watch. The doctor got his fingers in there and gently brought Jack into the world. First the top of his head, then the forehead, then the face(!, shoulders, and so on. We finally met our son. I started crying, I couldn’t help it. I saw Lilah being born, but this was different. Time stood still; the moment took forever but felt so peaceful. I had never seen something so profound.*

* I told this story to Brian, including that I cried. He looks me in the eye and goes, “Fag.” He knew what it must have been like for me, but when one of us says he has cried, “fag” is really the only reasonable response.

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