Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Few Things

Remember how I had a list of celebrities I don’t like? Here’s an update.
  • I don’t hate Bobby Flay. I think he’s kind of a tool. Years ago, I had a friend of a girlfriend that worked at Mesa Grill and said Bobby was mean, so I’ve always had that impression. But you have to be kind if a dick it build an empire, and he seems like he tries really hard, does good work and basically deserves the success he’s had.
  • Brad Pitt. Said he lost something since he got with Angelina. Not so sure anymore, meaning not so sure there was much there! He was on Bill Mahr this week and seems to be doing a lot of good in the world. Seems to genuinely love his kids, his wife, his job, and doesn’t let it all go to his. He’s funny too. He sits there with an almost-smug smile and cracks jokes that actually made me laugh. He does look a little deer-in-the-headlights but twinged with a confidence that says, “so what if I’m not a genius? I’m Brad Fucking Pitt. I don’t have to be.” Gotta respect that. Still thought he sucked in Benjamin Button.
  • Anthony Bourdain. Cocky douche. I’m pretty much not going to like anyone who acts like an ass when a judge on a cooking show.

Happiness = all laundry cleaned, folded, and put away. Ahhh...

I hearby give up on white-meat chicken. I cannot take the dryness, the blandness, it’s tendency to overcook and dry out too quickly. I need to lather in sugary sauce to make it palatable, which kind of defeats the purpose of why I’m eating it in the first place. Sorry, arteries, but you’re welcome salivary glands.

Check this out. It’s an online spreadsheet with every Phish show ever played and a link to download almost all of them. So awesome. Those guys lived the life, always touring, always getting bigger crowds, always writing better music. Fucking love that band.

I totally see how the Yankees are evil. They snatch up all the good players with their never-ending funds. The stadium is always full, their merchandise is sold everywhere, they have their own television network, and they are “America’s baseball team.” If I were an Oriole fan, I’d fucking hate them too. But the Yanks are a world unto their own. The Yankees played the Oakland A’s last night. The field still had the football lines on it. The upper deck was completely empty. But the A’s played really well despite the loss. It’s tough when one team has such a financial advantage. Thank God I married into the Yankees. It’s soo much easier.

Back to work...

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