Monday, August 03, 2009

Not So Manic Monday

I watched Beowulf this weekend. Yeah, that Beowulf, that has Angelina Jolie and looks like a cross between animation and real actors. It was amazing. AMAZING. I loved it. Watched it twice just to see the monster again. I didn’t know the story but now want to read the original poem. I highly, highly recommend it. It’s directed by Robert Zemeckis, the same guy who did Forrest Gump, Back to the Future, and a bunch of other classics. AMAZING!! Good story told really well. It’s on Showtime, DVR it.

I also watched The Hulk with Ed Norton. Did it in 30 minutes on fast forward. Did not need to waste that much time.

We had a family stay-night on Friday, since it was raining. Lilah helped me finish a pint of Ben & Jerry’s (Cinnamon Buns flavor). After that, she and I had a sugar rush and wrestled on my bed. We then took an hour-long shower/bath. Here's my little princess:

I’ve been bonding with Jack pretty hardcore. He just looks at me and smiles. How could anyone resist? He loves kisses, gets a huge smile when you put your face anywhere near his. I can’t help but smooch. Does that make me gay? (The answer is no. Not until he’s older, maybe 6 or 7. Then it’s creepy)

Update on my iPod games:
- I shot the moon in Hearts.
- I beat all boards on iBomber.
- I got over 2,000 on Rope & Fly.
- I got 66 on Flight Control.
- I beat Minesweeper on expert.
- I choose not to play Flood on Expert, cause it sucks.

Any other game suggestions? All the ones listed above have become tiresome, though still addictive.

I love having a job where I can take the time to write a blog post, that the world so desperately needs. I’m also wearing jeans and sneakers. I came in shorts (the subway is hot!) and would have kept the shorts on, but my muscular calves were getting the ladies too excited. Completely understandable.

On the subway this morning was the first time I got excited for my upcoming class. It’ll (hopefully) be my last Fall semester at NYU, and my final official class to earn my Master’s. In the Spring, I’ll write my thesis which should get me out of taking a class. I will miss it, but a class and thesis is no joke. Will be a long year. After this, my higher education days are done for a looong time. I’m going to get a house, start a band, and convince Harley that 2 kids is the perfect amount so I have more time for the band and yard work.

Boxing is officially boring compared to Ultimate Fighting. Baseball is much, much more exciting in person than on TV. Went to a game with Harley and her friend Rich from Louisville, KY. Had the best seats and the best time. Got seriously drunk on the best tasting Heineken ever.

It was so hot I had to buy a baseball cap. Now I suddenly love this Yankees cap and wear it whenever I can on the weekend. Sure, it’s uncomfortable, gets really hot, makes me look like I’m 12, and every other dad on the Upper East Side is wearing the same exact hat. But I love it. Go Yanks.


Lilah is peeing on the potty. Like a champ! She woke up last night to go pee instead of going in her pull ups. HUGE!! If only poops met the same fate.

You don’t know this, but there is an epidemic sweeping the nation’s toddlers: Wonder Pets Cupcakes. There’s a commercial on Noggin, and it’s all Lilah can talk about, she and many other toddlers. But it’s not just buying these things, you have to make them. It’s work! We told her no Wonder Pets cupcakes until you go poopy on the potty. We’re all still waiting.


Mary said...

Luke is having none of the potty thing at all. I have offered to buy him ANYTHING he wants. I make him repeat the offer to me so I know he understands it: "Yes mom, I know I can go to Target [his favorite store] and get every big boy present I want if I go pee pee on the potty." So, Luke, how about if we go pee pee on the potty? "No thanks."

TheMediaDude said...

I feel for you Mary. Have you tried just taking away the diapers? We were on vacation and just said "no more diapers." She had some accidents but for the most part tried to hold it in. She was so proud of herself when she finally peed (standing up, on her shoes). She got it, soon enough.