Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What She Really Wants

Harley works evenings, so I get to watch the kids 2-3 evenings alone. It can be great, it can be tough. Monday night, Lilah was very tired and cranky. She was promised ice cream, so I gave her a cone of danilla, her favorites, with rainbow sprinkles that was had to search for before coming home.

She was eating very nicely when her cone broke. She said she needed a new cone, though the ice cream was all gone. I said no. WWIII ensued. “I don’t want you! I want Mommy! Noooo!!” She wanted to take the verboten 7pm nap and ran into her bed room and onto her bed.

Put Jack down with Baby Einstein and rushed in to keep her up. She was crying, tears all her face, snot streaming down her face, with ice cream still stuck in her hair. Things were not looking good, and I was getting upset.

So what do I do? I ask her how her day was. She stop crying, looks at me and says, “good.” What else did you do today? She gave me a 7 minute answer. I don’t remember what she said, but she said it with such enthusiasm, so cute! She was instantly in a better mood.

After that, I brought Jack into the bedroom and we all played nicely for the rest of the night. Guess all she needed was special attention. (Now, you all should know what comes next.) JUST LIKE MOMMY!!

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Boywonderesq said...

Who says homosexuals don't make great parents? This sure proves them wrong!