Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Great article in the NY Times today about a new website called Beer Advocate. Started by 2 brothers, the site has reviews on every beer you could find. It advocates that beer is deserving of more respect in the culinary world. I agree. Why should there be a 12 page wine list but only 4 beers to choose from? I enjoy beer more than wine, and I know I'm not the only one.

One of the great things about beer is the branding and packaging. Beer is by no means a serious product, so the brands have freedom to do whatever they want. And with the wide selection and easy-to-drink 12-16oz portions, it makes brand switching a joy.

I write this because I haven't had a beer in at least a week. I'm trying to cut down on carbs for Brian's wedding to lose weight. It's working, I'm down a belt notch. But I do miss my beer. I guess I'll have to let Tequila Sunrises and Pineapple-Vodkas get me through.

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