Friday, March 16, 2007

The Sun and the Moon

Watch this movie

There are 2 satellites in orbit now. Both are calibrated to orbit the sun, using the Earth as an anchor. One is in front, closer to the Sun, the other is behind the Earth, further from the Sun. When the 2 work in unison, they will create a stereo image allowing us to get a 3D view of the surface of the sun.

Right now, one of the satellites is off. This movie was taken using the satellites, but with the transit of the moon instead of the 3D renderings. It's amazing. The surface of the Sun is a swirling cauldron of fire and liquid energy. There are giants flames that shoot out and make visible the giant magnetic fields. It's amazing, and the stereo images that will come soon promise to be even better!

P.S. Much of this was taken from Brian May's posting in the new NY Times Space blog. That guy rules.

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