Friday, March 23, 2007

My Supermarket Rant

One more blog for today...Picture this:

You're in a long line at the supermarket. The guy in front of you is taking forever and there are a bunch of others behind you. Another register opens up next to you and says,” Next, please." Now, I was the next one in line, but I'm stuck in line. The guy at the end of the line then jumps to the next line and gets through before it's even my turn.

What the f*&k? All this system does is reward the person who has been waiting in line the shortest. Some of you may remember my Duane Reade rant, where I said we should have 1 waiting line so that you won't get stuck waiting for a slow cashier or a slow customer. That way, you are always ensured of getting the next register.

Sure I've benefited from the "Next, please" a few times myself. I understand it's a reality. But damn, does that suck!

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