Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Brian May Rules

Brian May, guitarist for Queen and one of my all-time favorites, is also an astronomer. He is now a contributing writer for a New York Times blog called Across the Universe that talks about space the cosmos, and all that stuff that I LOVE!

That guy freakin' rules! Not only is he deep into space, which I love, but he also built his own electric guitar at 17, revolutionized how the guitar was recorded, and created one of the most unique and influential guitar tones in the history of popular music. Here's his bio on the blog:

Brian May, best known as a guitarist, songwriter and performer for Queen, began his doctoral studies on the subject of interplanetary dust before the band hit it big in the early 1970s. Through the years, he retained a strong interest in astronomy, appearing regularly on Moore’s TV show, “The Sky at Night.” May has recently returned to his studies in astrophysics. He is a coauthor of “Bang!”

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