Monday, March 10, 2008

My Thoughts on the Election

I'm sick of it. God damn sick of it all. And by all, I mean:
- endless conversation on television
- front page headlines that tell me nothing I don't already know
- giving every issue a political spin
- just-breaking stories on a daily basis
- determining who has what momentum
- polls that no one trusts but every one listens to
- super-delegates
- what the American people really want
- "change"
- thinking I give a crap what Keith Olberman, Tim Russert, and other pundits think
- one party divided over 2 ground-breaking candidates
- devoted followers, haters, and those who can't see both sides
- offensive amounts of money spent on negative ads
- interviews from inside planes
- convincing rhetoric from both sides making family members think they don't share the same political views, when it's all basically the same liberal agenda
- rock star candidates, and veterans who feel entitled to the office

I want the papers to talk about real issues, not the sensationalist crap we've been getting. Who's winning? Where, and with what kind of people? The news industry has latched onto the election because of its drama, not because of the policy issues. I know more about each candidates staff of campaign advisors than I do about their economic plans.

I'd be happy with either candidate. We have a war going on and an impending recession. Let the government get back to work instead of taking sides. I just want it over.

One thing I am not sick of is joke about John McCain being old. Those are FUNNY! You know who invented the cotton gin? John McCain. When did Columbus sail the ocean blue? The same year John McCain was born.

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