Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Best Spring Break Ever

NYU is on Break this week. That means all classes are cancelled for the week, so I have a free Tuesday. This might not seem like a lot, but it's been huge. Not only do I have Tuesday night free, but I don't have 200 pages of reading due. And it's been one of the best Tuesday nights ever.

I got out of work at 5:40 today. That's earlier than I've gotten out in weeks. And I wasn't stressed when I left. Everything was OK, and nothing was so urgent that it couldn't wait until tomorrow.

Harley and Lilah met me at the supermarket, and we did some family shopping. We then stopped at Duane Reade and got Lysol cleaner for only $2.50 on sale. Wow. When we got home, Harley made me a nice, stiff drink while I watched Colbert.

I found out the director of Friday Night Lights is remaking Dune , this time about "finite ecological resources."

I realized that American Idol is at the point where I no longer enjoy watching. I really enjoyed it this season, but it's time to move on.

My chicken took forever, and corn flake crumbs got everywhere. I haven't done shit on my paper, but I still have 5.5 weeks. Next week might suck, but I still have brownies and ice cream to look forward to.

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Boywonderesq said...

Nothing says "diet" like brownies and ice cream.