Wednesday, April 02, 2008

First Impressions From BlackBerry

I got a new BlackBerry this weekend. Read the best new blog in America, Don't Be So Dramatical, for the full story.

In this posting, my wife wonders why I wanted the BB instead of the iPhone. To me, anything better than the Razr was a step up, so I was happy with anything. Plus, I wanted something that I could justify in a professional capacity. The BB is the best mobile device for email, so it made sense to me. But after having the device for 5 days, there's an even better reason the BB is awesome:


You can call it Breakout, Brick Buster, whatever... it's all Arkanoid to me. I f*&king LOVE that game. And now, I can play it whenever I want. I can, and do, play it at work and look like I'm doing something work-related. I do it on the subway. I do it on the crapper. I do it before I got to sleep and when I'm procrastinating on my paper. I realize that all those people on the subway on their BBs are also playing Arkanoid. I sat next to a guy playing on the same model and we shared a nod.

But I also found that I'm no fan of getting work email 24/7. There's no separation, and I'm not the kind of guy that can see the "unread message" and not look. Maybe I'll learn to do that, but I may just stop having work email forwarded unless I'm travelling.

So was the BB worth getting?? One word: YES. One reason: Arkanoid.

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