Thursday, April 24, 2008

Walking Buddies

Harley's working evenings recently. And it's been so nice out, that as soon as I get home I take Lilah out for an evening walk. It's nice to be together, and it tires her out to make betime easier. A few observations:

- For the first 10 minutes, she's very good and holds my hand while we walk. After that, it's time to run, and Daddy better keep up.
- "Please pick me up. OK, I want to get down. Put me right now! OK, pick me up. Now put me down." The kid is almost as indecisive as her father.
- Dogs are very exciting. We love to point at them and say hi. But don't get too close, or Lilah will need to go behind the protective shield of Daddy's leg
- Lilah insists that we literally stop and smell the roses, or any other flower we see.
- Calling the seat in the shopping cart the "big girl seat" was genius. Pure, f*cking genius.
- When you give her something to hold in the supermarket, make sure it's not a $4 pear that she'll drop just after you pay for it.
- Lemons are pretty but get boring after you taste them.
- Letting a child walk around in Duane Reade is NOT a good idea.
- The microwave has become my most utilized cooking tool.
- An hour walk is more than enough for me, but Lilah is never happy to get home. The era of temper tantrums has begun.

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mkpt said...

"The era of temper tantrums has begun." FYI, we're a few years ahead of you and we're still waiting for it to end. Noah's favorite phrase: "That's NOT FAIR!!!!!"