Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My Class Options for the Fall


I'm thinking either one of these:
1. Topics in Digital Media (E58.2130, R, 4:55pm)
2. Languages of Communication: Cave Painting to Print (E58.2190, W, 4:55pm)

I really want to take a class on the Internet. It is a huge part of the media landscape, and I should have some knowledge of this. BUT, I've wanted to take Languages of Comm since I started this program. It's more of a history lesson (and therefore less applicable to my professional life) but seems really cool.

Please let me know your thoughts. Click here for sample syllabi. Remember, I'll be happy with either class.


isaacjosephson said...

take the digital media course

TheMediaDude said...

Hey Isaac!! I've been wanting to take the other course forever. Why should I take the digital? Veyr curious, especially from you...

Also, I'm 5 pages into my 25 page research paper for Benson's class. This class is a g*d damn workload nightmare, and the mid-term ripped me a new one.

Still, I feel like I'm learning more in this class than any other I've taken. And this research paper is sort of a practice run for writing my thesis (I'm already dreading Spring '10).