Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Walls Come Tumbling

Here's the view from desk at work. It looks northward over 34th Street. They're tearing a building down, presumably to merge with the empty lot next to it and make way for a new, large hihi-rise. Hopefully they'll put a Guitar Center there, or a Barnes & Noble. I'd love a Whole Foods, but it's likely. Anne Taylor? Does anybody shop there anymore?

Anyway, they're tearing this building down a floor at a time. You can't demolish it and you can't use a crane. They've been working on it for months, always pulling walls down and un-welding steel. (Note: un-welding is not a real word) It's just gotten to the point you can start to see a difference.

So this is what it looked like on 4/24/08. I'll try and post more pix to show you how its progressing. Know what would have been great? If I had taken a picture a few weeks ago and we could see what it first looked like. Yeah, that would have been great. My ideas are so awesome, even I can't keep up.

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your sil said...

yeah, that would have been great - too bad you didn't think of it!