Sunday, October 15, 2006

Boy, Man...

I, Andrew Heller, at 31.9 years of age, hereby declare that I am now officially an adult. It happened a few weeks ago. It wasn't turning 30 that triggered it. It wasn't moving out of my parent's house, getting married, going to grad school, or even finding out that I am going to become a father. I became an adult when I got life insurance.

To clarify, I only got life insurance (LI) because I'm going to be a parent. So yes, the 2 are linked. But emotionally, being a parent ands getting LI are two very separate things. The thought of becoming a parent forces me to deal with things like responsibility to others, making time for my child and my career, and partnering with my wife on all of that.

Buying life insurance, on the other hand, brings up the idea of providing for my family, being responsible to some who is depending on me for everything. All my life, Mom and Dad have been amazing. They paid the mortgage and never asked for a thank you. They got my college loans and paid for them without my involvement. I never had a financial worry, though I learned to be financially responsible at the same time.

Now, all those responsibilities are on my shoulders. Rent, life insurance, health care, and clothing all fall under my domain. Of course I have my wonderful wife to help me with all this, but that's a very "adult" thing anyway. I've taken a step into a larger world. And like Pandora opening her box, there is no going back.

Most of all, LI made me realize that I won't always be around. Life is a finite thing, and it's never as precious until you realize that we're are all here for a limited time. I'm happy with where I am in my life. Though I still feel young, I recognize that my "youth" is coming to an end. LI seems to be the one piece that closed the door on childhood. Like my parents, and their parents, and their parents' parents, I take up the chain in caring for the generation to come after me.

By the way, I felt the baby's feet tonight. They're up near Harley's breastbone. Baby L is so close!!!

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