Tuesday, October 03, 2006

NFL - Week 5 Picks

Here is the schedule for Sunday's games,which includes each team's record (as of week 4) and my pick for the winner of each game. The key games to watch will be:

1. Dallas vs. Eagles
- both teams have been doing well, but who cares about that? It's the retun of TO to Philly!
- Philly hates TO and wants everyone to know it. The crowd will be out for blood, win or lose.
- As a fan, I have to give it to the Eagles.

2. Jets vs. Jacksonville
- this could be THE game of the weekend. Both teams have been looking good but not playing up to their potential.
- I gave it to the Jets because 1) homefield advantage and 2) they'll be hungry after their disappointing finish against the Colts last week.

3. Washington vs. Giants
- Both teams have had mixed success but are still looking good.
- This is a tough one. I forgot to highlight a winner, but I give it to the Giants. They have home-field advantage, and Eli Manning is looking to keep proving himself.

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