Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Few More Reasons to Love the Eagles

Shameless and gratuitous. No wonder men love football. This is not how I feel of course. I only watch for the sport, for the drama. Yeah, and I read Maxim for the articles, too.

I hope this doesn't come across sexist. I don't hear much about cheerleaders being exploited for their bodies. Come to think of it, I'm actually surprised how little attention is paid to them; the action is almost always on the field (besides when they switch to commercials and need a filler shot).

The NFL is like a weekly soap opera for men, where the plot is never predictable and always in flux. These cheerleaders are like the Fabio-covers on trashy romance novels, just icing on the cake.

Ladies, you must understand that football is not for you. There is no schmuk-chair in the NFL for you to wait for your men to finish shopping. One day a week, we get to live the drama we've been socialized to avoid. The boobs are just gravy. Thick, luscious, eat-it-with-a-spoon gravy.

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