Thursday, October 05, 2006

The 'Lost' Video

**SPOILER ALERT** Scroll down the article to see the video clip. Helps explain the origins of the Dharma Initiative, the numbers, and the island. God damn, I love this show.

Still, I hated last night's Season 3 premiere. Not that I didn't like it, or that the story was bad. It was just so hard to watch our 'heroes' in such a terrible situation. There further into the episode, the worse it got for them, and the more depressed I got. I found myself wishing physical harm on the Others.

And what happened to our characters? Come on, Kate! Throw the handcuffs into the ocean and gouge out Ben's eyes! Instead, she just looks down and gets scared. Would the Season 1 Kate take her fate so easily? And since when did Jack take to violence (which I was happy to see)? Even Sawyer didn't seem as antagonist towards 'Zeek'.

The characters have been taken out of their element and seem to have gone through some fundamental changes. Off to Lostpedia for more research.

UPDATE: "I think they're trying to break them of their weaknesses. Sawyer - conning, learning to really, truly care about someone. Kate- running. Jack- stubborness." The Others are trying to create a utopian society and are 'fixing' the key players of the crash victims. (I love you Lostpedia!)

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