Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Harley woke me up at 2am saying she smelled smoke. We look outside and there's a fire truck hosing down the cars right in front of our building. I surveyed the damage this morning; this is what I saw:
The Super (who has to clean this up and was not happy) said some jackass set the garbage on fire. That spread to the cars, which blew out the back of one and burned a whole in the hood of the other. Apparently, another fire was set just a little further away on 2nd Avenue. Crazy!

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Don't Be So Dramatical said...

The damaged jeep belongs to our neighbor who lives down the hall. I was up until 4am (with another neighbor) taking pictures of the damage, helping the couple salvage what they could from the car, and keeping an eye on their 2 young boys.

It was very nice to meet our neighbors. And, hey, you know I can't sleep when something totally freaky like that happens!