Monday, July 21, 2008

Quick Recap of the Vacation

An email I sent earlier today, published here out of sheer laziness:

Sorry I've been out of touch. The vacation was amazing. Really great for me. Woke up early everyday to go to the beach. It was basically a private beach, with only a few people there. The sand was soft and the water clean. Dolphins swam just off shore everyday. Apparently, they live there all year. I would stay on the beach about 2 hours, just watching the tide go out in the morning and the dolphins go back and forth just off the beach. Afternoons I'd spend with Harley and Lilah, then back to the beach to watch high tide come in.

Lilah got really sick our first day there. First a fever, then bad breath, bleeding gums and fever blisters and sores all over her mouth. Really bad. Poor little girl. Luckily, tylenol made everything better and she was her happy little self. But when it wore off she was miserable. She hated the beach. Too bright for her, and she didn't feel good to begin with. She still had a great time with everyone. I think she was scared of Harley's brothers, but she got better after some time. Paula and Neil had a great time. Harley liked it, even though she isn't a beach person. I am now!

I have a nice tan now and am completely depressed to be at work. The house we were at was amazing. Google map "208 Lincoln Avenue, Cap May Point, NJ" and you'll see where we were. It wasn't in town where all the action was, which was perfect. the Beach was empty and you could hear the birds as you walked home (which took 5 minutes). Perfect, sunny weather with just enough sun to make the cold water refreshing. I miss it. One day back at work and it's like I never went away.


Boywonderesq said...

That address isn't showing up, even when you change it to "cape" from "cap." FIX IT, ANDREW!!!

TheMediaDude said...

Try "208 Lincoln Avenue, Cape May, NJ."