Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama Everywhere

Besides being everywhere on all the TV news channels, Obama has been on the cover of Rolling Stone. Now the whole family is the cover story of People magazine. It's about damn time he goes on the Daily Show. Or is that not as sophisticated as People?

Does anyone else think that's the wrong forum for a potential leader of the free world? I know he's "working the media" better than any political candidate in recent history. This is not a criticism of him. I could actually add a paragraph about how he's showing people how to campaign in the new millennium. But what does this say about politics in this country? That personality and image trumps everything? I fear I know the answer, but I was hoping I was wrong.

I've said it before (at least once) so I'll say it again: I like my politicians boring. I want them so aware of the impact of their decisions and so weighed down with all the details they need to know to make the right decision that they don't have the patience for image maintenance. They can have people to manage that, but the issues come first. Policies should be such a priority that the media-politics of today should look like nothing but a hollow circus.

There is one trait I value in politicians: sarcasm. I love it. Not only does it tell me that someone is funny (to me, sense of humor = intelligence) but that they can put things in perspective, which helps them make the right decision. But that's just me.

Maybe that's why I want Obama to go on the Daily Show. In the world of all mainstream media outlets looking alike, blatantly partisan coverage and ubiquitous blogs, these satirical, sarcastic shows are one of the only places that don't have a message to sell (to a point).

People magazine. It just seems beneath him and the office he's running for!! I hope we're going to learn the important details, like "does he put the toilet seat down," "can he cook," and "what china Michelle would pick if she were First Lady?" What are we, the voters, getting out of this? We're getting to know who he is on a personal level, what values he has, and how he thinks. I get that, but it starts to get close to the "vote for the guy you'd rather have a beer with" politics that gave us 8 years of the f*cknut.


After proofreading this (I do it sometimes), I realize that Obama is in campaign mode. He HAS to reach as many people as possible, and People magazine will help him achieve that goal. Once elected, I hope he is able to move past the image and focus on issues. REPEAT: this is not a criticism of Obama but of the superficiality inherent in today's sound-bite politics.


jaysigh said...

stop criticizing obama

your sil said...

this girl (above me) is hilarious.

good post.