Monday, July 07, 2008


YouTube has reawaken the guitar geek inside me. They have these videos of amazing guitar players showing them at their best and giving tutorials on how they do what they do. I've watched the tutorials. I've tried to replicate what they do. It's just not happening. I will never play like they do. I just don't have the patience. Besides, who has time to practice when my TiVo needs me?

Here are a few of the highlights from my recent exploration:

Paul Gilbert - you would know him from a band called Mr. Big and their hit "I'm the One Who Wants to Be With You". Little did I know he was an amazing guitar player. He's been teaching for years and is in all the guitar magazines. Now I know why. For those with longer attention spans, check this out.

Mattias "IA" Eklundh - some guy from Sweden that has built up a following thanks to YouTube. Unbelievable. he makes sounds come out of nowhere and has speed like no one else. Plus, he's funny!!! A pleasure to watch (at least for me). This is a long video, but the first 90 seconds give you the idea. His band is called Freak Kitchen.

This guy - who knows, but it is awesome. Note that he is using a Paul Gilbert signature guitar.

I know it's not in fashion, but these shredders f*@kin' rule. I've done some research, and all these shredders have footage of performances in Japan. Turns out the Japanese have a hug appetite for heavy metal guitar players. All these guys end up over there for some period of time to make a living. Same is true for Ultimate Fighters.

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Boywonderesq said...

That was amazing! I especially liked the super mario guy. With a guitar player like that, why didn't Mr. Big go anywhere? And what every happened to Nuno Benencort??