Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Speaking of Salieri...

Check out this blog posting on Obama's website (not written by Obama). Itcompares Hillary to Salieri, the old guard who things traditionally, and Barack as Mozart, the young natural with little respect for how the older generation thinks things should be done.

How nice for Obama and sad for Hill. Not sure I buy it, though. Composing music is very much an solo effort (at least for these composers). Politics is all about teamwork. That's my concern with Obama. Change is slow in Washington because of bureaucracy, and bureaucracy is how democracy is done.

I'm not on the Obama bandwagon, but I recognize that he is the best hope this country has right now. He's the guy! Democrats that aren't sure if they will vote for him really need to suck it up and vote for the guy who's policies are almost identical to Hillary's.

Please, no comments about how awesome Obama is. Yes, Obama is awesome. We know.


jaysigh said...

obama is awesome

your sil said...

When the Bush administration starts using "time horizon" it's just code for timeline for withdrawal - we all know that. When the Iraqi government says they agree with Obama's 16 month withdrawal plan, it looks to me like the politcal, US military and Iraqi government have all joined the Obama bandwagon by finally recognizing HIS timeline for troop withdrawal.
While I do think the piece is a bit sappy I do agree with one important part: "If the talent is undeniable, you embrace it, recognize the moment in history and allow it to enter into our history for all time." Obama is the man!

p.s. I was good, I didn't say what you didn't want me to, see?

Boywonderesq said...

I agree the Clinton-Salieri comparison is a bit too self-serving, but it's true. And as far as a team effort goes, there's no way Obama could have gotten this far all by himself. He's got a ton of people, including much of the establishment, behind him, and that's no small feat.