Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thank You, Wikipedia

Thank You, Wikipedia, for giving me the plotlines to Sandworms of Dune and Hunters of Dune, the final 2 chapters of the Dune series. They were written by Frank Herbert's son and some other guy and are awful. The dialogue is cheesy, the plot is predictable, campy, and has none of the subtleties or sophistication of the original. They make science fiction unbelievable.

But Wikipedia, my love, you have given me an out. I can read all about what happens after Chapterhouse, the final book of the original series. Now I know who the Honored Matres are, what the enemy from the Scattering is, and all that good stuff. All this, and I didn't have to suffer through their terrible books.
The stories were supposedly based on Frank Herbert's original outlines, but I don't buy it. Everything comes a little too full circle for me to believe that. It's unsatisfying closure, but it's closure nonetheless.

Wikipedia, you make me an instant expert on any subject you tell me about. My blind faith that what you tells me is true is disconcerting, naive, and goes shamefully unchallenged. May we always have such a good relationship.

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